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Hello parents and carers,


This document will outline some of the ways we at Britannia Education Trust are providing remote learning for your children and what is expected of them. The teachers at Britannia Education Trust are working hard to create content each day that is inline with the curriculum that your children would have been using were they in school. This content comes in various forms and we will describe some of these below.


Register. This is an online version of a register that provides the school with information about which children are accessing the work and who might need support getting to the content. Senior staff at the school are using this information to get in contact with families who have not been registering to offer support and advice. The class teachers are also monitoring the work that the students are doing, so it is important that your child completes all the tasks that the teachers have set each day. There will be a suggested timetable of activities either on the home page or each day, depending on the year group. We appreciate circumstances vary for different families, so do feel free to devise your own timetable that suits you.


Shout outs. Each day the teachers (if available) will record a short video message for the students including praise for individuals who completed their work to a high standard the previous day and a brief explanation of the current day’s tasks.


Core lessons. Each day there will be pre-recorded video content, activities and tasks created by your child’s teachers for the three core subjects: Maths, Writing and Reading. There will also be an afternoon activity linked to their topic or other foundation subjects. If your child wants more activities to complete, there are often optional extra activities pages with more ideas and tasks in topics such as Art, Dance and PE. Activities they can complete include recording video responses on Flipgrid, filling in online Google Forms that reveal the answers after they have submitted, and work set on Google Classroom such as Google Doc and Jamboard worksheets. These have all been designed and created by the class teachers. 


In some year groups, live sessions will be trialled over the next few weeks and, depending on feedback, might be used more regularly. Children are invited to a live well-being session each week to celebrate the week's learning and interact with their classmates.


Communication. If there are any issues, parents can contact class teachers using Class Dojo but please bear in mind that teachers are very busy creating content, marking work, communicating with staff etc, so there may be a delay in response. If the issue has not been resolved, you can call the school office on 02075115412 but again, please remember that the office staff are extremely busy.


Devices. We have made all of the Chromebook devices available for students (Y2-6) to use at home if they require them. If your child is in Y1 or Reception and you need a device, get in touch with us and we will do our best. 


Internet access. It is imperative that you ensure your child is using safe and filtered internet. A child filter can be turned on if you talk to your internet provider. If you have limited internet access, get in touch with us as there might be a possibility we can help in some cases.