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Design Technology

Our Design and Technology curriculum aims to:


  • Provide pupils with opportunities to design, create and evaluate products that solve a problem or service a need
  • Give children practical experiences using a variety of tools in order to create different products
  • Complement Science learning; pupils apply their knowledge to create new items


Our D&T Curriculum is implemented by setting a project for each year group that complements their learning in each topic. Projects are completed five times a year (one for each of the main themes and one during each of the two Investigate weeks. D&T provides a practical application of the principles and theories taught in Science and therefore allows pupils to see Science in action.


Placing skills and knowledge side by side, pupils are provided with an enriched experience in D&T. They gain hands-on experience of manipulating materials to fit specific purposes as well as deciding on their own approach to solving problems. Our D&T curriculum provides children with independent opportunities to design, create and evaluate their own ideas linked to learning in Science and other subjects within the curriculum.