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Our History curriculum aims to: 
● Ensure that pupils gain a coherent understanding of Britain’s history and that of ancient civilisations so that they are inspired to discover more about the past 
● Enable children to acquire an understanding of how a variety of historical, social and cultural factors have shaped the world they live in today ● Provide opportunities for pupils to develop the skills required to be a good historian 
● Develop pupils’ cultural capital through drawing on the opportunities presented by living in a great city with a rich historical heritage and a global influence 
History is delivered within the context of cross-curricular themes that integrate a wide range of subjects. The themes enable children to make connections between different historical periods and develop an understanding of the way in which past events, beliefs, values and attitudes have influenced how we have arrived at our present position in the 21st century and how we may move forward in the future. History topics are informed by the National Curriculum and are sensitive to the context of the local area.