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Uniform Information

Royal Wharf Primary School uniform consists of:

  • Black knee length skirt or pinafore dress or summer checked blue dress, or plain black tailored school trousers or plain black tailored shorts (not leggings and not black jeans)
  • Reception aged pupils may wear plain black jogging bottoms rather than tailored trousers
  • Royal blue polo shirt with school logo
  • Grey sweatshirt with school logo
  • Plain black school shoes or plain black trainers
  • White or black socks or tights (not leggings)
  • Plain black cycle shorts may be worn underneath skirts or dresses in the summer (for modesty)
  • A warm, waterproof coat when needed


  • School bag – All children must have a book bag to safely transfer items between home and school. There is a school bag available and we recommend that this is the bag they use to transport communications, reading books and workbooks between home and school.  

  • Water bottles – We encourage every child to have a water bottle in school, to fill it with fresh water daily and to drink it! (Research shows that it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day for optimal brain function because the brain does not have any way to store water. When the body loses more water than is being replaced, dehydration will kick in and brain function will be affected. However, when the brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, children are able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity.)

PE Uniform

  • Black jogging bottoms or shorts
  • Black trainers 
  • White polo shirt with collar
  • This is worn with the school sweatshirt. 

Purchasing School Uniform and Equipment

The following items can usually be bought at the Britannia Village school office or from Ian Howard Schoolwear (409 Barking Rd)

  • Sweatshirts with the school logo
  • Blue polo t-shirt with the school logo
  • School book bag
  • Water bottles

All items are very reasonably priced.

Second hand uniform is often available at the Britannia Village Hall coffee mornings. Other items can be purchased at major supermarkets.

Lost property

All clothing, bags and equipment should be clearly labelled. If clothing is clearly labelled, we will make every effort to reunite lost clothing with its owner. Otherwise lost property is placed near the school entrance for a time before being either donated to the School Uniform Bank (at the village hall) or recycled.