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How will the school know if my child needs additional help and how will the school share information

with me?


Some children may have specific needs for aspects of their learning. Where this is the case, children are offered extra support and may have a personalised curriculum. Children’s progress is closely monitored and reviewed at regular intervals and we have access to a range of support agencies in order to help meet their needs. We consider the needs of the whole child and ensure that support is focused on individual need and personal outcomes.


As your child’s first educator, we value your views and offer support through regular communications where we:

  • Listen to any concerns you may have
  • Plan any additional support your child may receive
  • Share strategies
  • Discuss with you any referrals to outside professionals to support your child’s learning.

We recognise that children’s needs may change and our purpose is to work out how best to support them. Some children may have special educational or medical needs and the school’s experienced SENCo will work with their family to meet their needs and personalise the curriculum when necessary.