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Year 1 Back to school letter

Royal Wharf Year 1 Parent Letter 27th August 2020 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to a new school year and to our brand new school building! We hope you were able to view a video introduction for your child’s new class teacher on Royal Wharf school website. 


We are looking forward to welcoming your children back to school on Thursday 3rd September and are trying to make school feel as normal as possible for them. Children will be in classes of 20 and will be able to mix with other children in their year group. We are also returning to hot school meals and the menu will be available on the website shortly. Unfortunately we cannot offer any before or after school care at the moment but a Year 1 after school club will be provided one day a week. We will let you know about this next week. 


We would like to reassure you that we have detailed plans in place to keep your children safe and reduce the risks of covid transmission. Some of the many actions we will take are highlighted below:


1.Children and staff wash their hands at regular intervals following the guidance. In addition to this there will be hand sanitiser available.


2.Children will remain in year groups during their time in school and wherever possible they will not mix with any other children.


3.Regular cleaning of equipment, surfaces etc will be carried out.


4.Staggered and distance drop-offs and pickups are detailed below. 


5.Children who become ill in school will be isolated and collected as soon as possible by a parent.


We are operating a staggered start and end to the school day, to keep year 1 pupils separate from reception pupils meaning that Reception and Year 1 will have different start and end times:

Reception: 8.45am - 3.15pm 

Year 1: 8.55am - 3:25pm

This is because we are only able to occupy part of the school and have only one gate to enter through until we are given the fully completed school later this term. 


All children will be entering school via the gate opposite the Royal Wharf Community Dock  - on Pocket Square. This gate leads directly on to the school playground. We will be asking you to leave your child at the school gate where a member of the senior leadership team will direct them to their class lines where their teacher will be waiting to greet them. 


It is essential that you are punctual in dropping off and collecting your child to ensure the safety of all children and staff.


We are very excited to see your child next week.

Thank you for your support. 

Royal Wharf Year 1 Team & Linda-May Bingham